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Improved Waitlist, Additional Seating, & Large Party Reservations

Once you go through the painstaking task of finally deciding where you want to eat and your mouth starts to water thinking about the delicious food you’re about to have, it can sometimes be anticlimactic to arrive only to have to wait to be seated. In effort to improve that experience for our customers, we are launching an exciting digital waitlist system on Monday, November 6th, 2023!

Instead of a paper list on a clipboard, that can be hard to read for both guests and staff alike, anyone walking in and wanting to dine, can now add their name to our waitlist via a tablet attached to our front counter. You can use this same tablet to view your place in the list. The system will also display an estimated wait time.

What’s even better is, we also are providing the option to add your name to or check your place on the list remotely! Just hop on a web browser either from your phone or computer. This capability will not only reduce crowding up at our entrance counter, it also means you can get your name on the list while you’re commuting to Clay’s Cafe or before you even leave the house or office. We will post a link to this waitlist on the homepage of our website www.clayscafe.com or you may join the waitlist here.

We will not accept calls into the restaurant to add your party to the list. The phone lines need to remain open to accept take-out and delivery orders.

Aside from the party name and size the only other piece of info we’ll need is a mobile phone number since the system will text you when your name is being called. When we are ready to seat your party and verbally call out your party’s name, if no one is present then your party will move to the bottom of the list. This is not a reservation and your place in line is not saved/reserved after your name is called.

In addition to these awesome features for you, our guests, this new system also comes with a digital seating platform for our staff that will instantly let our host/hostess know which server is up next, which tables are clean, and even which tables might be becoming available if the current guests have already ordered dessert. What this means is a more efficient and streamlined operation and what it means for you is getting sat even faster!

We’re constantly brainstorming ways to improve the experience here at Clay’s Cafe and are thrilled to be launching this improvement in conjunction with 4 additional brand new tables in our newly remodeled seating area which features a new window looking out to a garden wall. While additional booths are still planned for the future, just the tables alone in this new area have finally allowed us to now take large party reservations (12 to 24 people). Due to the changes in staffing needed as well as the rearranging of tables we are only accepting this reservation at least a day in advanced by calling in to speak with a manager or emailing us here.

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