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Hours have changed

Our Hours Have Changed!

For the first time in the history of Clay’s Cafe, we have decided to open our doors on Sundays starting February 12, 2023. Here’s the details, reason behind the decision and the community’s reaction thus far.

Above is Clay’s Cafe’s newly re-designed logo and the entrance sign on the exterior of the building, featuring the new 7 day-a-week hours of operations.

In the 26 years since this establishment has been operating in its current concept as a full service casual restaurant, Clay’s Cafe has always remained closed on Sundays. While the previous owners had their justifications, I’m sure it was also just a nice guaranteed break to look forward to.

So why the change? 

Well, looking at the surrounding area, we felt there simply aren’t enough options to get a quality sit down meal on Sundays. Knowing we provide an enjoyable experience Monday through Saturday, whether that’s eating a towering banana split at our old fashioned ice-cream parlor counter, catching up with friends at our cozy booths, or playing a board game at a table while waiting for our famous stromboli to pop out of the oven, we thought – why limit this experience to just 6 days! Operationally, it also just makes sense – we have all the food, equipment and space sitting unused for 24hrs and by opening on Sundays we are able to provide even more hours for our staff to pick up.

Yes, deliveries too!

While the Cafe personally starts making deliveries using our own drivers at 4pm on Sundays, you aren’t limited to just evening deliveries. We are partnered with Grubhub so our guests can order deliveries starting right when we open on Sundays at 10:30am. Grubhub has the added advantage of being able to deliver beyond our 5 mile radius!

What’s been the reaction so far?

Thankfully, we have had nothing but appreciation and happiness from the community about this positive change. Having been able to personally take a few deliveries and seat several families in the Cafe on the first Sunday we opened, we are so blessed to hear how grateful members of Hebron and beyond have been. One gentleman mentioned how they no longer have to get an unbaked stromboli on Saturdays and instead can get a fresh one for Sunday’s game. Now, with a few Sundays under our belt it appears our steady increase in business suggests it wasn’t a fluke either.

So, please come on down to Clay’s Cafe and join us on Sundays or whichever day of the week works best for you. We’d love to help make another happy memory with you and your family.

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