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new menu cover

Over the last 16 months we have been hard at work bringing a better experience to the restaurant while staying true to our family values. We think we hit the bullseye! And we want as many people to be able to enjoy what we have been able to accomplish. Clay’s Cafe isn’t just a dining […]

Once you go through the painstaking task of finally deciding where you want to eat and your mouth starts to water thinking about the delicious food you’re about to have, it can sometimes be anticlimactic to arrive only to have to wait to be seated. In effort to improve that experience for our customers, we […]


For the past few months we here at Clay’s have been working tirelessly day and night working on improving and expanding Clay’s Cafe. It has been a challenge keeping the doors open while also doing a renovation but we were determined to not block our customers’ access to the food they love and to keep […]

Joseph Varicella

“The one that didn’t work here before” Joseph Vericella is one of the two co-owners of Clay’s Cafe, starting his entrepreneurship journey January 1, 2022 with Joshua Powell. With both owners’ names starting with a “J” it can be hard for guests and staff members alike to not mix them up. Joseph gets stopped by […]

Hours have changed

For the first time in the history of Clay’s Cafe, we have decided to open our doors on Sundays starting February 12, 2023. Here’s the details, reason behind the decision and the community’s reaction thus far. Above is Clay’s Cafe’s newly re-designed logo and the entrance sign on the exterior of the building, featuring the […]

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